Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gwen's Milestones

My little princess is holding her own bottle now. Daddy forced her to hold her bottle yesterday morning and since then she is holding her own bottle. Here are some pics taken today.

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Soon Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Family name origins

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Cheongsam and Korean Dress

Finally, the dresses I ordered last Sat have arrived. Bought these dresses from one Kuching mummy who sells these beautiful dresses on her blog. All dresses are imported from Taiwan and some are made of silk. I bought 2 dresses for RM125 only including postage fees. Here are the pics of Gwen in those dresses.

Do I look cute or what..hehhehee...

Yee Yee, how's my cheongsam??

Do I look like a Korean girl? :)

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My Baby Is Walking On Her Own

We are so excited coz our little princess now at 18 months is finally walking on her own for the past 2 days...Hooray..Gwen was not interested in walking on her own all these while but one day we suddenly caught her walking on the mat herself. So, Daddy decided to buy her a puzzle floor mat to encourage her to walk as she likes to walk on softer surface instead of the hard floor. This girl is so smart...hehe...she immediately walk on her own with the new puzzle floor mat coz I think she knows that if she falls, it won't be painful compared to the hard floor...hehe...

Before this, she was holding our hands and walk together and wouldn't let go. Now, she doesn't want to hold our hands, instead she walks on her own and pushes Daddy hand away...:( And if she does hold Daddy's hand, she is the one bringing Daddy around..hehe...Guess our baby is learning to be more independent now. ;P

See Mummy and Daddy, I'm walking.

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