Monday, May 31, 2010

Can't Help It, It's The SALE

I get to know there's a new shopping mall called Empire from reading some of your blogs while I was still in Jakarta. ^_^ Several days ago when we were at Subang Parade, we thought of dropping by Toys"R"Us. We didn't know Toys"R"Us has already moved to Empire. So, we walked over to Empire and look see look see. The mall is nice but not much things to see. :P

We had lunch at Uncle Lim's at Subang Parade before we headed to Empire and had our tea break there at O'Briens.

Gwen took photos of Hubby and me for the first time. I taught her how to use the camera and adjusted the camera for her.

That's me with my 'new hair'...haha. Gwen took this pic.

Gwen took Daddy's pic.

Gwen was actually showing off some of her dance moves.

Our food has arrived.

Mushroom noodles for Gwen.

Assam laksa for Hubby and me. Hubby's assam laksa came with too small a portion (the noodles didn't even filled up half the bowl). Asked the waiter to take it back and add more noodles. They came back with more noodles and stuff than mine...hehe

Gwen's first time using chopsticks to eat noodles. She got angry when I asked her to use the fork. O.o

We finally found Toy"R"Us and this girl got herself a set of dinosaurs figurines.

She likes playing with dinosaurs too. I'm surprised she knows some of the dinosaurs species names. Must have learnt from our neighbour's son. :)


It has been ages since we last visited Bukit Bintang area. Sungai Wang and Lot 10 used to be my fav hang out places when I was still schooling and dating..haha. Last Friday, we decided to go to Low Yat Plaza coz Hubby wanted to buy a new external hard disk.

We hopped over to Lot 10 first for lunch. This was our first time eating at the newly renovated food court. I love this new food court. So many choices of food and the ambience is very nice.

The newly renovated food court at Lot 10.

Chicken rice for Gwen and me. I'm feeding her with lots of rice to fill her up and hopefully she could gain some weight.

Tau foo far. Yeah, we are deprived of good Malaysian food. So must indulge as much as we can while we are still here. :P

This durian shaved iced was soooo delicious.

A picture of Gwen enjoying her meal. More of Mummy forcing her to eat. *sigh*

After our lunch, we went to Isetan and they were having 4 days sale for members. So, shop lah what else..LOL. We bought 2 new pillows and a cute Hello Kitty bedsheet for Gwen.

When we were at the Kids Department, I saw this huge Hello Kitty section. So many cute and cool Sanrio merchandise. Gwen was standing there watching this Hello Kitty and friends performance on TV and I could hear "OOh Aah" coming from her..haha.

Gwen requested for a pic with Hello Kitty. Luckily she didn't ask me to buy any Hello Kitty stuff for her. Really expensive. Now she is telling me she likes Minnie and Hello Kitty. *slap forehead*

For these past few days we shopped a lot. Things in Jakarta ain't cheap so must shop like crazy in KL. :P Hubby bought some working shirts and a pair of new shoes. I bought myself a new skirt and shoes too..hehe. Some toiletries from Body Shop for me. Stationaries and books for Gwen. There are more stuff but I can't recall..haha.

Daddy bought Gwen a new pair of Adidas sneakers (RM99).

Bought this pair of new wedges from Isetan. RM76 after 30% discount (I seldom buy shoes this expensive..hehe).

Finally, the biggest purchase of all. A new handphone for me. I don't need a high tech one. My budget is below RM1k.

My new Nokia C5. It has a built-in GPS (but I don't know how to use it..hehe). Got it at RM630.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eating And Shopping

My mum first comment when she saw Gwen was "Aiyo..Lost weight already"
:( Yes, Gwen isn't as round as before. She is growing vertically but not horizontally. I thought Gwen is tall for her age (she is 100 cm tall now) but when she started entering pre-school in Jakarta, Gwen is the smallest and shortest girl in class.

Gwen's quite picky when it comes to food. She doesn't like meat at all. I usually shred the meat into small pieces to make her eat her meat (I hate it when she doesn't chew her food). Now we are back in KL, I would make sure she takes Pediasure three times a day..haha. She hasn't been taking much Pediasure when we were in Jakarta (she is taking Gain Kid).

We have been hunting for our favourite food in KL. Of course we get to savour some of them. The first food that I had was nasi lemak..haha (I'm a nasi lemak lover). We had yong tau foo, durian, char kuey teow, nasi kandar, chicken rice and etc.

We were at Sunway Pyramid on Saturday.

Pyramid has some new characters. Gwen wanted a photo with the characters.

Nasi lemak from Pappa Rich.

Chicken Hor Fun for Gwen. She ate almost half.

Girls at Gwen's age adores princesses but not her. She loves Minnie! She said she wanted a Minnie toy and she found one.

Gwen was actually imitating Minnie. *slap forehead* Gwen sometimes give flying kisses and wave at people. She learnt that cute Minnie signature pose from watching the Disneyland parade on You Tube. *speechless*

We bought durian from Jusco supermarket too.

Expensive but tasted very good.

Gwen is the ultimate durian lover. LOL. She ate 4 pieces (ulas).

On Sunday, we headed to Mid Valley. We had chicken rice at this Chicken Rice restaurant outside the mall.

We brought Gwen to Jusco amusement centre and when Gwen and I came out from the centre, I saw Hubby browsing on some kids clothings. My Hubby likes to buy clothes for Gwen too..hehe.

So, Gwen got some new clothes to wear. She is outgrowing her old clothes and some of her clothes has been transported to Jakarta..haha.

Our lunch and dinner today. I'm on lazy mood so just go out and eat. :P

We had lunch at Nasi Kandar Pelita which is located at the new shoplots beside IOI Mall. The food was delicious.

The waiters at the restaurant were disturbing Gwen..haha..and one of them ask for her name. Gwen replied "Minnie" -____- *slap forehead*

A simple dinner at one of the restaurants near our house just now.

Nice Hakka dishes.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home ^_^

It's great to be back in KL. :) We didn't waste anytime going out shopping for the past 2 days..haha. Bought clothes for Gwen again coz the SALES is on. :P Will blog again very soon. :)

Excite a schadenfreude and watch it slobber. (Just ignore this sentence)

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Komodo Museum

Note: We are flying back to KL later in the evening. See you all in KL! ^_^ I will visit your blog once I've settled in KL (our house need to be cleaned first..haha).

This is actually a continuation of our tour to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. We were attracted to the word "Komodo" when we passed by this museum. I would never want to miss the chance of seeing a real life Komodo dragon. Komodo dragons can only be found in some of the islands in Indonesia and they are the world's heaviest living lizards.

This museum also housed some of the reptiles. Here are only a few photos I'm posting. There were turtles, pythons, crocodiles and other species of snakes.


Pythons having their meals!

An albino python.

This was taken in the museum.

And the highlight is of course the Komodo dragon.

Komodo dragon

We were shocked to see the caretaker having a very close up encounter with the dragon. You know what was the most shocking part? He asked us to come down and have our pics taken with the dragon!!!!

The caretaker was patting the dragon's head!

The caretaker was cleaning the Komodo dragon's nails or something.

Did we have our photos taken with the Komodo dragon? Of course not. Do you dare?

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Souvenirs For Gwen

When Daddy was on a business meeting to Sulawesi few weeks ago while on board Garuda Indonesia from Jakarta to Sulawesi, he saw something interesting in the catalog and bought this little Snoopy backpack for Gwen.

This Snoopy Junior Explorer backpack costs around RM100+.

Gwen was excited to put it on.

Things inside the bag. Each item is wrapped individually in plastic.

A battery operated mini fan.

Measuring tape.


Macnifying glass

A notepad with some colour pencils.



Gwen was fascinated by the 'gadgets' but she is a little too young to understand how some of the 'gadgets' work. She likes to take the things out and explore when she feels like it..haha.

This binoculars is great for birds watching. :)


Few days ago, Hubby came back with a package from his Thai friend. It was a gift for Gwen. Gwen gets along very well with Aunty Belle. ^_^

An elephant coin box from Chiang mai, Thailand. Gwen even brought it to bed..haha. She has a habit of bringing her new toys to bed. *slap forehead*

Thank you, Aunty Belle.

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