Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Hello Kitty Things For Gwen

On Saturday, we went to PIM again. We haven't explore the other side of the mall the last time we were there.

First thing first..it was makan (eating) time so we went to Din Tai Fung. I only dined here once at Din Tai Fung, The Gardens back in KL. I remembered the food was quite good and the restaurant was crowded. The tables and chairs were quite close to each other too.

The Din Tai Fung here in PIM, Jakarta looks more welcoming and the ambience is better (spacious). Customer service in Indonesia is much better than in Malaysia (not referring to Din Tai Fung but other services as well) . *paiseh* -__-

Gwen playing with chopsticks again.

My roasted duck with noodles. Quite good. Do you know Indonesians love to eat ducks (Bebek in Indonesian)? ^_^

Hubby's Dumpling soup noodles.

Our dessert. Mango Fantasy. Gwen only ate the mangoes. She didn't want the ice cream. O.o *surprise surprise*

As we were walking around the mall, we spotted this big toy store called Toys City.

Toys City.

Gwen holding a Toys City balloon. Posing for the camera. :)

I never expect to find such wide range of toys here in Jakarta and some of the toys you won't be able to find in KL.

At Toys City, I saw a huge collection of Barbie. Luckily Gwen is not into Barbie..hehe. I don't think she could resist it...just too many Barbie stuff. Barbie merchandize is quite costly.

On average, Barbie dresses like this is selling at RM80.

Barbie princess.

These are new arrival.

More Barbie.

I was excited to see Hello Kitty merchandize here...haha.

Hello Kitty accessories.

My Melody accessories. So cute. Gwen is not into My Melody though.

Disney Princess accessories. Gwen's not into Disney Princess either. She only loves cute characters. ^_^

Here is my loot from Toys City. Gwen was such a good girl coz she didn't ask for anything. It was the Mummy who couldn't resist the Hello Kitty stuff. Anyway, Gwen loves Hello Kitty and Minnie too. And...another cute feline named Charmmy Kitty. O.o

I finally found a Minnie ears hairband for Gwen. Been looking for it in KL.

Hello Kitty colour pencils (Rp19,500/RM6.90), Hello Kitty Backpack (Rp189,000/RM67.50), Hello Kitty pencil case (Rp42,500/RM15), Hello Kitty hair accessories (Rp95000/RM33) and Charmmy Kitty water bottle (Rp49,000/RM17.50).

These are not Made In Japan Sanrio products hence the lower prices.

It's Made In Indonesia and manufactured under license by SANRIO.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

What Does "Made In America" Mean To You?

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The Ramblers Way Corporate Office is located in downtown Kennebunk, Maine and it is a fully refurbished building that was originally built in 1792. The building has been restored to its original condition, while being modernized to meet today's environmental standards. They have even achieved the coveted Gold Lead Certification level!

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our Sunday,....And What Did I Cook For Dinner?

After our buffet breakfast this morning, we brought Gwen to the playground and lazed around at home for a while. We decided to go to Plaza Indonesia for our lunch and also to do some grocery shopping.

We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant called Soup Restaurant. This restaurant offers a variety of healthy soups and their famous dish is the 'Samsui Ginger Chicken'. As expected the price was rather expensive. -_-

Soup Restaurant (a Singaporean restaurant).

I love the old Chinese style kinda setting and the antique tables and chairs.

Gwen and Daddy. Gwen has been eating slow again..sigh.

Samsui Ginger Chicken (steamed chicken with ginger sauce). Very good especially when you eat it with the ginger sauce.

Prawns and Tofu dish. The sauce tasted like the sweet sour crabs my mum used to cook. Yummy...reminds me of my mum's cooking. :(

Soup of the day which was Lotus Root Soup (no pork). It was served in a claypot..very good.

Fresh Lettuce. I just found out that we should wrap the chicken in the lettuce and eat it this way..haha.

The bill came up to Rp300,000. Around RM90!! Crazy right? @_@

After lunch, we went to The Food Hall and did our grocery shopping. We also bought some ingredients to cook dinner just now.

So what did I cook for dinner just now. I cooked Prawn Mee. It took me 2 hours to prepare dinner. Quite a lot of work too. I have been collecting/saving prawn shells for this mission actually..haha.

The stock is boiling.

The chili paste for the soup.

Dried shrimps.

Tah Dah! Prawn Noodles. Looks good or not? The taste was there but not enough spiciness though. Need more chili paste. -_-

Gwen's meal. No chili paste. Luckily she ate it. *phew*

I got the recipe from Nasi Lemak Lover. I didn't follow the recipe entirely coz I'm only cooking for two. I cut down on the ingredients.

I will cook again and improvise next time when I'm not lazy...haha. :)

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Pondok Indah Mall

Last Sunday was another visit to the mall located quite a distance from our place. This mall is called Pondok Indah Mall (PIM). This was our 2nd time here. I haven't blogged about this mall yet so bear with me for constantly talking about malls malls malls...haha.

To me, this is by far one of the best malls in Jakarta. I love the design of this mall. We didn't take the highway (easiest way to get there) but we used a different way instead. Thanks to the GPS, we now learned a new way to PIM. It took us 40 mins to reach PIM. It was quite far from the city.

Another alternative to go there..passing thru residential area.

Finally, we reached PIM.

Pondok Indah Mall.

SOGO is there too.

Mini playground at each level of the mall. You can imagine how fixated Gwen was to the playgrounds..haha.

All of us were famished and we had our late lunch at The Duck King restaurant. I've never been to Duck King in KL. *paiseh* The first time we were at PIM, we dined here too..hehe. Just love the food here. :)

The Duck King restaurant. This outlet does not serve pork but another branch somewhere do serve pork according to Hubby who had been there before.

The ambience. I noticed that Indonesians love eating Dim Sum a lot.

I saw this ugly looking fish dish in the menu..haha. This dish doesn't look appetizing to me..haha.

Gwen was playing with the chopsticks while I took this photo. She did this on purpose. -_-

The first time we dined here, I didn't blog about the food yet so I'm gonna compensate it by doing so.

Barbecue chicken, Roasted Duck and Jellyfish. Quite good.

Taiwanese 3 cups chicken. Very nice.

Stir fried long beans.

This time we ordered something simple.

Char siew bao (chicken). Surprisingly it was pretty good.

Siu Loong Bao.

My Seafood Fried Rice With XO Sauce. Yummy.

Hubby wanted the BBQ rice but it was finished so he ordered Chicken rice instead.

There are a lot of nice F&B outlets at PIM. You will be spoiled for choice. I saw Din Tai Fung too. The price at Duck King is just like what you paid in KL.

After our lunch, Gwen were bugging us to let her play at the mini playground so here she was having a little fun.

We always see this Choo Choo train at Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia but never go on the train before. This time Gwen and I went on board the train. The train will take us around the mall at a very slow pace..haha.

Gwen and I waiting in line.

This train are meant for kids. I felt like a giant here..haha.

Here comes the train. ^_^

We shopped for grocery at The Food Hall only. I didn't purchase anything for Gwen and myself..hehe.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Teacher's Comment About Gwen

On Monday, as usual I picked Gwen up from school. Usually, the kids will be in the library after class to wait for their parents/nannies to bring them home. When I reached the school, she was still in the classroom. I took a peek and saw her doing some writing..hehe..so cute. :)

Within 5 mins, her class ended and teacher brought Gwen out from the classroom. Her teacher, Miss Abby told me that Gwen could not write numbers correctly. Now that she is in K1, Gwen needs to know what number comes after or before a particular number! Her teacher suggested that I spend some time with her everyday in writing/memorizing numbers at least from 1 to 30.

Gwen is very good at tracing the numbers but when you ask her to write the numbers herself, it's really challenging coz most of the time she won't be paying much attention. I have to raise my voice everytime. Haih...quite frustrating actually. Yesterday I did some revision with her and I'm glad at least she knows what number comes after a particular number now...only 1 to 20 (still some mistakes there). I need to find more interesting ways to teach her numbers and make sure it stays inside her head..haha (she is quite forgetful).


Everytime Gwen comes back from school, I will usually check her bag to see whether she eats the snacks that I had prepared for her not. Recently, I have been finding food/snacks inside her bag.

She told me her friend, Fahime has been giving her snacks. -__- She said "Share only"..haha..she is taking other kids food but not giving her food to the other kids..that's called sharing to her. @_@

But then yesterday she told me she shared her cookies with a boy in her class. Haha..I don't know whether to believe what she said or not. *scratch head*

These are the "food" I found in her bag.

Last Thursday. Her friend gave her the Roletto. But the gummy she told me she found it on the table! >.<

Last Friday. Her friend gave her a packet of chocolate chip cookies.

Yesterday. Nyam Nyam biscuits from her friend again!

These snacks doesn't look like something a kid would not eat and I don't think her friend give her because she herself doesn't like it. Her friend is really generous and sweet. :)

I'll see what her friend give her today..LOL. By the way, I'm keeping those candies away from her.

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