Monday, November 29, 2010

She's OK

Thank you for all your get well wishes regarding Gwen's allergy. She is almost fully recovered and has started school today since missing 2 days of school last Thursday and Friday.

Her "fung mok" or Hives came back again after midnight on the same day we brought her to see the doctor.

This time the rashes concentrated more on the face and neck area. It was really late and she was so tired.

On Day 2, the rashes on the face has cleared up.

But the hives appeared on other areas.

Day 2

I gave her Centirizine drops (can only be given once a day) for the allergy and within an hour the rashes were gone again. The hives appeared on other areas but much lesser by then.

The hives subsided gradually and today Gwen is free from those red and itchy bumps but her face is still a little red though. We will monitor her condition and hopefully in a few days time she will be completely healed.


Ok. I'm changing topic now on how we spent our weekend. We stayed at home last Saturday and only went out for dinner at night.

My Hubby was craving for Pan Mee and he said he wanted to cook Pan Mee. Luckily for him there is a bag of flour in the pantry...hehe.

We worked very well together. My Hubs was in charge of making the dough/noodles.

We wrapped the dining table with cling wrap and a Pringles can (also wrapped with cling wrap) as a rolling pin..LOL. My Hubby was flattening the dough here.

Our very plain Pan Mee version..haha. We were out of green veggies.

My Hubby was able to satisfy his cravings. :)

Ate with bird's eye chili...yummy..but this Indonesian cilipadi was soooo spicy! I gave up after eating only 3 tiny pieces.

I could not believe I was able to do a little bit of shopping when we went out for dinner at Citywalk. We had pizza and pasta at Pizza Marzano.

There is a factory outlet shop at Citywalk. This factory outlet is very famous in Bandung. :)

I bought 2 tops for Gwen. Very cheap.

Carter's top for Rp45000 around RM 16 only.

Gwen chose this Jumping Beans pullover sweater. "I want to buy this one", she says. I wanted to get her a Size 5 but already out of stock. Size 4 also sapu lah coz she really loves this top. She flatly refused any Princesses' top that I suggested to her. -__- Guess how much? Only Rp49500..around RM18. I'm sold!!

Yesterday which was Sunday, we went to Plaza Indonesia again. Everytime we go to this mall we would end up buying only groceries coz everything is expensive here even the groceries are expensive. But very nice place to hang out...exclusive :)

We had lunch at a foodcourt.

Satay with lontong? Gwen likes to eat satay...I don't know why..hehe.

Hubs mee rebus Aceh? Tasted quite nice. Like assam laksa.

Spotted a giant Christmas tree and took some pics of Gwen.

I was trying to capture the whole tree hence Gwen looks so small in the photo.

Latest picture of Gwen. She looks like normal again. No more ugly red bumps on the face. The most excruciating part was the itchiness. :(

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Thursday, November 25, 2010


This morning around 1am, I heard Gwen calling out for me from the bedroom. I was not in bed yet..hehe. As I stepped into the bedroom, I saw her heading towards the bathroom and she was crying a little. I helped her to the toilet and asked her why she was crying. She did not reply. After she finished with her small business, I helped her with her pants and noticed that there were red bumps on her legs.

With further checking, she has red bumps all over her body and face too. She was scratching her buttocks and other parts of her body as well. Poor girl..she must have been very uncomfortable. Brought her back to her bed. She was scratching again and whined a bit. I applied diaper rash cream on some areas of her body hoping it would relieve her itchiness. Told her to go back to sleep.

So, this morning Hubby immediately made an appointment with the doctor at MMC Hospital. Out appointment was at 10am. This was a different doctor from our 1st visit. A lady doctor and her name was Dr. Merry Christina. She was a friendly and nice doctor.

She said Gwen might be having an allergy. Could it be the vege I cooked with "nam yee" (fermented red bean curd) yesterday for our dinner? Actually the dish requires "fu yee" but I don't have that in my pantry so I substituted it with "nam yee". But I've cooked Nam Yee Chicken before and Gwen ate it too.

Anyway, Dr. Merry said to give her lots of milk (no chocolate milk) and green tea to flush away the toxin. She prescribed medicines for allergies and calamine lotion for her itchiness. The medical bill was close to RP300k. Almost RM100.

Pictures of Gwen taken this morning before doctor's appointment. She didn't attend school today.

Her face was red and a bit swollen.

Below the chest area.

Her back.

Looks like "fung mok" (in Cantonese) or Hives to me. I used to get "fung mok" when I was in primary school.

Allergy med and calamine lotion.

Another allergy med in powder form.

Amazingly, the redness and the bumps cleared up almost 80% after only 1 hour of consuming the medicines and applying the calamine lotion on Gwen.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

On Vacation

Picture from Google

We are going to Bali for a short holiday. :) Will be flying Air Asia from Jakarta to Bali. Our flight is scheduled at 3PM today and we will be back next Tuesday.

I will be visiting your blog once I'm back from my vacation ya. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Her Progress

4 years and 4 months old

Gwen is in K1 now. She has homework every week. I'm glad that she has been showing good progress in counting and writing. Also she has been learning to read in school too.

I was surprised to hear her counting from 1 to 100 that day. For a little girl who fumbled in counting 1-20 few months ago to be able to count to 100 now, to me it was a good achievement already.

She has quite a lot of writing to do. I don't stress myself too much now...I just leave her there and let her complete her homework by herself...hehe. If I were to watch her doing her homework, I would be scrutinizing every details and this will give her alot of pressure.

Her writing is still not that good. But her "a" is getting better now. :)

She always forgets how to write the numbers.

Gwen is really into playing internet games now. Whenever she sees the laptop's not occupied, she would be sitting in front of the laptop and she even knows where the Bookmark tab is and choose her game..haha.

I let her play only Playhouse Disney games coz it's actually quite educational and I'm surprised she learned alot of things from Playhouse Disney and she is really good at using the mouse too. She learned how to do simple addition by using her fingers to count when she was playing Handy Manny too..haha.

I bought these reading materials from Popular last year and brought it over to Jakarta so we could start Gwen on reading at home.

Gwen knows some simple words (very limited) and she can't really read yet. She wants me to read to her most of the times. I noticed Gwen is memorizing the stories not the words...haha. The phonics she is learning in school does help her in reading a little.

Pack 1. It costs RM50+. Gwen has never watched Dora before coz she only watches one channel and that's Playhouse Disney! Moreover I don't know Dora show times.

12 books in Pack 1.

Pack 2.

I've recorded Gwen reading a "book" her teacher taught her to make in school.

Still alot to learn. I need to step it up and spend more time in coaching her to read.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Resting At Home

Gwen did not attend school for 3 days since Monday. She is having flu and cough since Sunday so I decided to let her rest at home. I gave her some meds we brought from KL but her condition didn't improve.

When she woke up yesterday morning, I noticed that her eyes were swollen again. Luckily I brought along the eyedrop from KL from her last visit to her Paed. The last time Gwen had a cough was many years ago..when she was 6-7 months old. Hard to believe isn't it?

Yesterday while on the phone with one of Gwen's classmates' mum, she told me to bring Gwen to see a doctor. She recommended a Paediatrician from MMC Hospital. I was laughing when she told me don't be surprised when I see the Paed. I asked her why. She said the Paed is a very old lady and looks like a "nenek" but a very nice and caring doctor.

So this morning before Daddy goes to Bandung again for 3 days, we brought Gwen to MMC Hospital. This is a private hospital and it's not as nice looking as the hospitals we used to go in KL. Gwen's Paed was Dr. Sri Rochani. Just like what my friend told me she was an old lady but a very nice and gentle doctor. She could speak very good English too. My Bahasa Indonesia really sucks..haha.

The Paed said Gwen has a throat infection and upper respitory tract infection too. Her Paed prescribed some antibiotics and cough syrup for Gwen. We waited very long (almost 40 mins) at the pharmacy area to collect Gwen's medication. The bill was quite expensive too...close to RM100.

Gwen's swollen eyes yesterday morning. No more swelling today. :)

We were at the hospital.

Look at the different from what we get in KL!

A gigantic bottle of cough syrup. Tastes like mint.

Antibiotics in powder form. Gwen loves it coz tasted like strawberry after mixing it with a bit of water. No syringe...just a spoon.

This is the plastic bag for storing the meds...hehe..."Semoga Lekas Sembuh, Gwen!"

I think Gwen contracted a very strong virus coz I've started coughing a little...darn! :( Looks like she is skipping school for the whole week.

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