Friday, February 25, 2011

Complains From Her Teacher

I went to pick Gwen up from school as usual yesterday. The assistant teacher informed me that Gwen cried in school yesterday. The teacher said Gwen burst into tears when teacher asked her to stay back and had a long talk with her about something she did in the Gym Room during playtime.

My heart skipped a beat when I heard Gwen did something wrong in school. The teacher related to me that "Gwen hit one of the boys in her class with a stick!" I was shocked. How could my well-behaved, quiet and gentle little girl suddenly acted in such a violent manner. I was still digesting the details when her teacher was relating the incident to me.

Apparently, Gwen hit the boy because she thought Vincent hit her best friend, Ryan. My oh my, double shock when I found out Gwen was trying to protect Ryan from being hurt by Vincent. *pengsan* According to the teacher Gwen had a misunderstanding on the "hitting" part as Vincent did not hit Ryan but was only playing with each other...huh? Aiyo, my Gwen over-reacted already...*hide face*

I think Gwen has labelled Vincent as "naughty" because she has been treated 'not-that-nice' by this boy. Although they travel in the same car to and back from school, they don't seem to get along with each other. I saw it with my own eyes how Vincent pinched, pulled Gwen's dress and made her cry once in the lift. Just so you know, Gwen did not keep quiet when Vincent did these things to her, she would retaliate. This boy just loves to make Gwen angry. Vincent's mum already apologized to me a few times for her son's behaviour. Sometimes, the mum could not control her son...well I think some kids are really not easy to control. Now I know...haha. BUT these past few days, Vincent has changed a lot (coz his mum threatened iPad if he is not nice to Gwen). He has been quite nice to Gwen. It was Gwen who has been giving him the cold shoulder..LOL. My Gwen is quite stubborn too huh. :P

Ok...back to the 'Gwen hit Vincent' incident, well Gwen was asked to sit on the thinking chair (something like the naughty corner) for her misbehaviour. I hope she learned her lesson now. Anyway, she shouldn't have hit her friend and if someone hit her or bully her, she should complain to the teacher and me.

That was Part 1...hehe..sorry for the lengthy post...have to record it down before it dissipates from my poor memory.

Another shocking news today from the teacher. The teacher commented that "Gwen talks too much during snack time and class activities". Hence she could not finish her work on time. Bummer! Gwen oh Gwen, I thought you were a quiet girl..LOL. Her teacher told me to talk to Gwen about it...yeah..she needs to finish her work and stop talking!! *Sigh, Mummy and Daddy pengsan already*

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Still About KL

When we were at Sunway Pyramid during the CNY holidays, Gwen saw some arcade machines and kiddy rides just beside the skating rink area (she really has sharp eyesight..LOL).

So, we decided to bring her there for some fun. Before that we had our lunch at Pappa Rich again. Yup again...been missing my nasi lemak..yum yum. :P

Nasi lemak for me.

Hubs' assam laksa.

Half-boiled eggs for Gwen. Also some toasts too.

She likes to eat eggs these days...much to the influence of "Angry Birds". She says she is one of the pigs who stole the birds' eggs in the Angry Birds game. LOL!

After lunch we hurried to the skating rink area. Little did we know, there is actually a playground for kids. We paid RM15 for Gwen to enter the playground.

Gwen had a wonderful time and she did not want to leave the place. Finally she agreed to leave after we told her we will be going for some ice creams.

Gwen was having fun.

She had a new friend.

Gwen getting friendly with 2 sisters. The older girl was very nice to Gwen.

Gwen loves to submerge herself in the ball pool.

Parents are allowed to enter the playground for free.

Gwen and Mummy. That's my new look..hehe. I had my hair rebonded on the eighth day of CNY. I love my new hair. It's soft and sleek...not messy anymore. ^_^

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On Valentine's Day

We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day. In the past, we did go out for dinners and my Hubby sometimes bought me gifts too. I asked my Hubby casually how do we celebrate Valentine's Day this year and he said "Nothing"..tsk tsk..and he continued by saying that I have spent alot already on shopping while we were in KL last week. -__-

We had a simple home-cooked dinner on Valentine's Day which I offer to cook assam fish for my husband..hehe..using Maggi's ready made sauce by the way. :P I know my Hubby will be late for dinner so there's no point dining out. He usually comes home around 8PM after work.

I have a special Valentine's Day gift from Gwen. When I picked her up from school that day, Gwen came to me and wished "Happy Valentine's Day, Mum!" and gave me a big hug. ^_^ heart melted.

And when Daddy came back from work that day, she wished her Daddy too (which I reminded her to do so). ^_^

I was informed by my friend to prepare some chocolates for Gwen's classmates on Valentine's Day. Also, there will be a birthday party celebration for one of the girls in Gwen's class and another boy from the Nursery class (they were cousins).

Chocolates to be distributed to Gwen's classmates.

Pressies for the birthday boy and girl from Gwen's school.

Gwen came home with some treats.

Treats from Valentine's Day celebration.

A party pack from the birthday celebration in school.

That day, my Hubby came home quite late around 9PM. Gwen and I had dinner first. If it was 8PM, we could still wait for him but 9PM it's very late for dinner already.

The simple dinner that I had prepared for my family on Valentine's Day.

Stir-fry french beans with garlic and dried shrimps.

Assam fish cooked using ready made sauce. I think it tasted awful but hubby said quite ok. Next time, I'm going to cook from scratch and won't be using ready made sauces anymore.

Lotus root soup with dried squid and dried oysters (hou see) that I brought from KL. I don't know where to get this stuff in Jakarta. I've "imported" alot of Chinese herbs, ikan bilis, dried chilis and mushrooms from KL..LOL.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Cai

There will be no concerts/performances for Chinese New Year this year at Gwen's pre-school. Just a mini Chinese New Year celebration in the classroom yesterday. Each child brought snacks to share with each other.

The children were requested to wear Chinese traditional costumes or something red to school yesterday. As Gwen doesn't have any cheongsam (all her cheongsam are in KL) so I dressed her up in a red blouse and jeans skirt.

Gwen's outfit yesterday. She was actually looking forward to wear her cheongsam. Too bad we didn't bring any of her cheongsam here.

And Gwen brought these home from school yesterday.

Some snacks (mostly cookies), two small tangerines and a packet of angpow with 2 "cold coins" in it.

We are all very excited..which means time to "pulang kampung"..hehe..we are going back to KL tomorrow..yay. There is only one day of public holiday on CNY day itself here in Indonesia. :( Anyway, we are taking almost 2 weeks holiday ourselves...haha. Gwen will be skipping 8 days of school.

I want to take this opportunity to wish all my blogger friends/readers GONG XI FA CAI!

May this New Year ring in HAPPINESS, SUCCESS And PROSPERITY!

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