Thursday, August 25, 2011

She Works Hard For The Money

Gwen had her first "working" experience at Kidzania last Sunday. I have heard so much about this edutainment center for children between 4 to 16 years old and it's about time that we bring Gwen to Kidzania (before we leave Indon end of the year and also a good exposure for her to learn more about jobs).

KIDZANIA is a kid-sized replica of a real city, with streets, buildings, retail and different vehicles going around the City.

Here, children play adult roles and they learn how to be a doctor, a pilot, a construction worker, a private detective, an archeologist, an F1 driver and over 100 other professions and occupations.

The entrance area was built like an airport. It's like we were boarding a plane to enter Kidzania...and we were quite surprised to see a replica of an Air Asia airplane there..LOL.

I guess Air Asia must be one of the main sponsors there. :)

Here we were at the ticketing counter to buy our tickets to enter Kidzania.

Looks like an Air Asia flight ticketing counter isn't it...haha..actually it's not. But there is a real Air Asia flight ticketing booth next to it.

After purchasing the tickets, we check-in to Kidzania.

Gwen was holding her cash cheque that she received upon registration.

Total amount of 50 Kidzos (official currency at Kidzania).

We are inside now. Some pics of the "city".

We were quite lost at first but no worries the staffs here are very friendly and they speak English too. But my husband has no problem conversing in Bahasa lah. ;) Most of the times I'm lost when the Indons speak Bahasa to me..LOL..coz they speak too fast.

First thing first, Gwen was required to cash out her cheque at the bank.

Gwen was led to the bank by one of the staffs. Parents are not allowed to go in.

Gwen started the day with 50 Kidzos.

Ok, time to look for a job. Gwen was a bit scared at first but she eventually warmed up and we brought her to the chocolate factory for her first job.

Gwen as an Operator in a chocolate factory.

We informed the staff beforehand that Gwen can't understand Bahasa...and the staff would explain in English to her.

When the "work" is done, Gwen received her salary of 5 Kidzos and a bar of chocolate.

Gwen working in a tea factory

Gwen was listening to the staff on the process of making tea. She was required to press some buttons...haha.

Gwen got a packet of Teh Botol.

Gwen as a Dancer

Gwen was not shy to show us her dance moves. She was doing her splits and twirling like a ballerina. Yup, I'm seriously thinking of enrolling her to a Ballet class.

Gwen, the Pharmacist.

I think I will continue with the rest of the jobs in my next post as there are just too many pics to upload.

Stay tuned to see what Gwen did as a Professional Model in my next post ya....LOL.

Pacific Place L6 - 601 Sudirman Central Business District
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta Selatan 12190

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Friday, August 19, 2011


Our daughter Gwen, is considered as a quiet, innocent and gentle 5 year old girl. She is also very imaginative and sometimes she seemed to be in her own little world where she is oblivious to the things happening around her.

I make it a point to ask her "what-happened-in-school" questions everyday when she comes back from school...hoping to enhance her memory and exercise her "brain" to think more as she used to give me the "I don't know" reply everytime.

Incident No. 1
During one of our our casual chats about her friends and school, she told me one of the boys (if you read my previous post, you will know which boy she was referring to. Yes, the boy that travels to school with us!) from her class always likes to disturb her. The latest trick was saying "Spider" and moving his fingers in front of Gwen's face. Gwen is not as brave as I thought she would be..she is terrified of spiders! She jumps at the sight of a rubber spider...Gwen oh Gwen. They learned about spiders in school, I think that was why she got teased by the boy coz he knows she is afraid of spiders.

Well, kids sometimes like to tease their friends this way right so I just brush it aside and Gwen didn't complain about it either. Few days ago (I think it was Monday), we talked about school again and this time she told me 3 other kids were doing the "spider" thingy to her as well. Gwen told me one of the girls threw a rubber spider on her desk! WTH...I was not happy after hearing this.

I informed my Hubby immediately and boy was he pissed to the max. He called the principal and asked whether the teachers knew about this. The very next morning, Hubby spoke to the head teacher about it. The teacher said they did ask the kids to stop. She assured us it will never happen again.

When I went to fetch her from school the day when my Hubby spoke to the teacher in the morning, the teachers were so nice to Gwen.

Do you think we are too protective towards Gwen? Have your child(ren) encountered "teasing" by other kids before and how do you handle it?

Incident No. 2
Gwen has very short attention span and I would say she is not as attentive and alert compared to kids her age. The day when my Hubby spoke to her teacher about the "teasing" incident, they had some games lined up for the kids due to Indonesia's Independence Day (which was Tuesday).

Gwen received a Disney princess jigsaw puzzle from school. I asked her whether she won any games or not and she replied that she won the sack race and eating cracker games.

The next morning, my Hubby asked her teacher how she got the puzzle. According to the teacher, each kid will get something eventhough they did not win any game. Hubby sms-ed me that Gwen did not win any of the games.

So, now I know I cannot believe 100% what she said to me. Also, I'm quite concern about her social skills in school. Her teacher told Hubby that Gwen only play with one of the girls in her class.

When I asked her who she played with in school, she was telling me she played with this girl and that girl but in actual fact she did not play with any of them. After I found out about this, I pressed her further and she told me the other girls don't want to play with her. :(

I had a chat with her teacher yesterday. Her teacher told me it's normal for kids her age "to make up stories" sometimes. I'm glad that her teacher was very understanding and helpful. She informed me that they will have games or activities so all the kids will get a chance to play together. And she also advises the kids to play with all their friends.

Both Hubby and I are talking more to Gwen now. We will try our best to nurture her and hope that she grows up to be a confident, happy and independent girl. I remind her everyday not to make up stories anymore.

Have your 5 year old child(ren) make up any stories before? How do you encourage your child to speak more and make more friends? Do you have any advise for me?

Note : Although Gwen seemed to be quiet in school, she is not afraid to stand up for herself. She does retaliate when she is provoked. Just that I think she could not blend in with some of the kids especially those "loud and rough" kids.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Field Trip : Futsal

On 29th July, Gwen attented her first field trip in Term 1 (K2) at Kuningan Village. This field trip was different from the other field trips she used to join. This time the school decided to let the kids have some fun outdoor activity. The school organized futsal for the kids.

We paid Rp35000 (around RM12) for Gwen to join the field trip. We were the earliest to arrive at the venue. Actually just 10 mins early before it starts at 9 am.

I didn't stay for long, just 30 mins to take some photos of Gwen. Didn't take much photos actually. The whole futsal game ended by 11.30 am (half an hour earlier as expected). Gwen's teacher called me and informed me to pick up Gwen from school.

Some pics of Gwen playing futsal for the first time. :)

Gwen and her classmate admiring the "court".

There were also restaurants at the other end.

Gwen in action.

One of the mummies who is also staying at the same place as us (her son is also studying at the same pre-school but different class) took these gorgeous pics of Gwen using her Canon DSLR.

Gwen doesn't look natural in this pic isn't it..haha. This boy likes to chase Gwen around and this makes her afraid of him..haha. He is a bit too rough. I can't control him most of the times. I'm actually helping my friend (the boy's mummy) sending and fetching her son from school coz she just gave birth to a baby boy few weeks ago.

Everytime the camera points at her she would pose like this...haha.

Gwen loves the camera.

This is a good shot. :) Kids are like that...chasing each other around...LOL.


Overall Gwen did enjoy playing futsal very much. She came home with her hair drenched in she just had a hair wash.

And she also complained her leg hurts. She said she kicked the ball too hard and ran too much. -___-

I think it was a good outing and great exercise for the kids. Gwen needed some outdoor activities badly.

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